The History of Korean Hymns

The Hymn Society of Korea is eager to help the revival 

of Korean churches to worship in spirit and to continue in mission. 


" The History of the Korean Hymn Society of Korea 

                                                 is the history of Korean Hymnal Book "


 1. The first Korean Hymnal Book in 1890’s :

     ChanMiGa(1892, revised in 1895), ChanSyoungSi(1893), ChanYangGa(1894)

1) ChanMiGa in 1892 (27 songs)

No note but just published with lilycs: A missionary Georg H. Jones and a missionary Louisa C. Rothweiler have together selected and published.


2) ChanSyoungSi in 1893 (83 songs)

The first authorized Presbyterian Hymnal Book was published by the North Presbyterian Mission: Graham Lee, the North Presbyterian Missionary and M. S. Gifford, a missionary have selected together and published.

3) ChanYangGa in 1894 (117 songs)

The first Hymnal Book with note published by JeSuSyounGyoDan: Horace G. Underwood, a Presbyterian Missionary has selected and published.

4) ChanMiGa(revised) in 1895

Published by the Korean Mission of the Methodist Episcopal Church: George H. Jones and a missionary Henry G. Appenzeller have selected together and published.


2. Korean Hymnal Book in 1900’s :

    ChanSongGa(1908), BuHeongSeongGa(1930), ShinJeongChanSongGa(1931), ShinPyeonChanSongGa(1935)

1) ChanSyongGa in 1908 (266 songs)

The first Hymnal Book unified the Presbyterian churches with the Methodist churches published by ChoSeonJesuGyoSeoHoe. 

The Hymn Society is founded. A missionary W. M. Baird, a missionary F. S. Miller and a missionary D. A. Bunker have selected. Then, it is published by ChoSeonJesuGyoSeoHoe.

 2) BuHeongSeongGa in 1930 (242 songs)

Published by DongYangSeonGeoHoe(Oriental Missionary Society) Holiness church publisher. 

A missionary Haines, P, E has referred BuHeongSeongGa(160 songs) edit in 1911 and SinJeongBokEumGa (210 songs) edit in 1919

3) ShinDyeongChanSongGa in 1931 (314 songs)

Published by ChoSeonJesuGyoSeoHoe. A missionary Appenzeller has selected 50% from ChanSyongGa (266 songs) and 70 songs from CheongNyeonChanSongGa. Korean pastors Kim, InSic and Byon, SeonOk have participated in the final revising work of it. 

The assembly of unified Presbyterian churches and the Methodist churches had published together for 7 years since 1924. However, the assembly of the presbyterian churches has decided not to use the Book. The assembly of the Methodist churches has only used it.

4) ShinPyeonChanSongGa in 1935 (400 songs)

Published by the educational department of the assembly of ChoSeonJesuGyo presbyterian churches. 

ShinPyeonChanSongGa has selected, excerpted, edit and published from ChanSyongGa(1908), BuHeongSeongGa(1930) and ShinJeongChanSongGa in 1931

3. Korean Hymnal Book in 1950s:

    HapDongChanSongGa(1949), SaeChanSongGa(1962), GaePeounChanSongGa(1967)

1) HapDongChanSongGa in 1949 (586 songs)

Published by HapDong Committee - A unified Hymnal Book: Hymnal Books from three different denominations: Presbyterian, Methodist and Holiness Churches


2) SaeChanSongGa in 1962 (671 songs)

Published by SaeChanSongGa Publishing Committee, Edit by the assembly of Presbyterian(Hapdong) and Presbyterian(Korea). 

HapDongChanSongGa published in 1948 by Presbyterian, Methodist, and Holiness Churches, after Korean Independence in 1945. However, Some Presbyterian Churches have decided not to use it. 

Continually, they have only used ShinPyeonChanSongGa. Finally, SaeChanSongGa published in 1962.

3) GaePeounChanSongGa in 1967 (600 songs)

Published by HanKukChanSongGa committee. The assemblies of Methodist(GiGam), Holiness(GiSeong), Presbyterian(TongHap), and Presbyterian(GiJang) have participated in publishment. 

Added many Hymns written by Korean Lyliric Writer and composed by Korean Composers.

4. TongIlChanSongGa (558 songs) published on November 20, 1983.

- Published by The Hymn Society of Korea unified Korean ChanSongGa Committee and SaeChanSongGa Committee

- TongIlChanSongGa (558 songs) edit from 3 ChanSongGa : Unificated in One with HapDongChanSongGa(1949), SaeChanSongGa(1962), and GaePeounChanSongGa(1967)

- Started to edit TongIlChanSongGa by Special Committee in 1974.

- Discussed with publishing One Hymnal Book unifying HapDongChanSongGa(1949), SaeChanSongGa(1962), and GaePeounChanSongGa(1967) in One with 3 Standard forms.

- Agreed with publishing standards in an assembly for the Foundation of  The Hymn Society of Korea on April 9, 1981.

5. The New 21st Century Hymnal Book (645 songs) on November 15, 2006

- Published by The Hymn Society of Korea

- Expanded 126 Hymns written and composed by Korean Writers and Composers among 645 songs.

- Examined, selected and published 25,000 songs from nations included in 6,000 Korean works by 200 Experts.

- Increased the number of pages to 645 by deleting 77 songs from ToIlChanSongGa and adding 164 songs.

- Increased 128 Korean works.

- Expanded foreign works from 9 nations to over 20 various nations.

- Corrected the spelling of difficult words and used the easy sounding tonality.

- Expanded 76 Responsive reading versicle to 137 and added songs of the 24 divisions of the year and songs of the ceremonies.

6. An incorporated foundation The Hymn Society of Korea

Registered in The Province of ChungCheongNam-Do, building a juridical foundation on April 23, 2008. 

It succeeded the right of publishing the Hymnal Book from the old GongHoe (TongIlChanSongGa 558 songs, the New 21st Century Hymnal Book 645 songs)


7. Established the universal church of  The Hymn Society of Korea by denominations' agreement on February 11, 2016.

- Confirmed the universal church of  The Hymn Society of Korea by denominations' agreement in February 2016.

- Contributed to publishing, distributing, researching, and managing the copyright of Hymnal Books.

8. Exchanged 3 songs in the New 21st Century Hymnal Book on July 1, 2018

 - Exchanged Hymn 11, 61, 194 .